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Wooden Surface

Hand Painted Signs on Wood


Hand Painted Sign on Wood

menu boards at the Gumbo Pot in the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. 


Hand Painted Sign on Wood

THE GARAGE Est. 2019 hand painted on Wood with Beige Paint Background and Top and Bottom Orange Painted Frame and Logo "The Garage" with Black Paint with Orange Shadow.  This Sign is now branding this local business, greeting visitors, and passerby and serves as a Wayfinding sign. 

private commission custom wood sign hawt

Private Commissioned Hand-Painted Wood Sign, Hawthorne, CA

The original clip Joint price list or me

Hand Painted Menu Board on Wood

For Business Owners such as Barbershops, Restaurants and Cafes who want to give their place a comfy yet contemporary feel, adding a hand written menu is a great choice. The vintage look of chalkboard menus gives visitors and customers a friendly atmosphere, while assuring customers that they can get great service at a great price. 

Calimucho custom wood sign San Pedro .JP

Calimucho Custom Wood Sign 

Hand Painted Sign on Wood. Storefront Wood Sign that also serves as a Wayfinding Sign.  

aged wood signs.JPG

Hand Painted Signs on Wood made to look distressed.

private commission wood sign hawthorne.j

Private Commissioned Hand-Painted Wood Sign, Hawthorne, California

Hand Painted Wood Sign displayed in Silverlake, California. Hand-Painted Sign Company Lorenzo Rams.

Hand Painted Wood Sign displayed in

Silverlake, California


Hand Painted Sign on Wood with Finished Contour Cut 

B&B Wooden aframe close up.JPG
Custom wood sign.jpeg

Explore Custom Hand Painted Sign with Workhorse Sign Company


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